Alexander Neff is a design professional with a background in interior design, visual art, and copywriting. Alexander earned his Bachelor of Interior Design at British Columbia Institute of Technology. With his continually evolving skill-set, he hopes to push design past the boundaries of aesthetics to create and support catalysts for positive change.
As well as his passion for the built environment, Alexander is also passionate about exploring the triad-relationship between art, community, and culture. He explores this curiosity through his project, Drawing Thanks, which is focused on highlighting amazing people who inspire and influence on both local and global scales.
The project began on January 1st, 2018 and Alexander continues to develop one ink portrait per day as Drawing Thanks continues into its second year. This project is an outlet for gratitude - a way to say thank you to the people who make the world better for those around them. The faces featured in this project include movers and shakers across the globe, as well as the friendly faces of Alexander's hometown, Vancouver.
Through weekly themes such as “Local Business Leaders Week” and “Local Artists Week,” Alexander looks to develop relatability and break down barriers between those who might consider themselves different from others—allowing cross-sectoral collaboration and friendships to develop. To do so, seven strangers belonging to these cultures are interviewed to reveal their role in their communities. This has now become an integral part of Drawing Thanks.
As Alexander continues his work developing a book based on the first year of Drawing Thanks, his passion for writing comes into play. He has also lent his writing skills to projects such as Vancouver Foundation's On The Table BC. Alexander sees writing as an integral part of his career which he looks forward to developing with future opportunities.
As community engagement is an integral interest of Alexander's, he can often be found volunteering his skillset to organizations and events such as CreativeMornings VancouverThe Greasy Spoon DinerBC Tiny House Collective, and Locals Lounge. He continues to actively pursue new opportunities for skill-based volunteer work.
To connect with Alexander, send him an email. Break the ice by asking him about Drawing Thanks and tell him who YOU are grateful for.