This project was a unique joy to take part in. Coldwater Road reached out to me with the idea for an EP featuring fan-favourite cover songs from their live performances. Sharing a strong relationship through Drawing Thanks and Locals Lounge, Coldwater Road left it in my creative hands to come up with a concept and visual identity for the singles and subsequent EP. This project was fuelled by gratitude from the get-go and it wasn't long before we had "Hats Off:" a tribute album and "tip of the hat" to musicians who came before and created the iconic original songs. Being that the four covered artists were the Tragically Hip, Wilco, Neil Young, and Lana Del Ray, it was a natural connection to allude to them through the hats which they also made iconic. At the end of the day, I can't say no to a good pun. Sometimes it can fuel a great concept. I thoroughly enjoyed tipping my hat to these iconic musicians with Coldwater Road.

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