On the Table BC was developed by The Vancouver Foundation as a means to combat social isolation in urban areas across British Columbia. It was a one-day event, held on September 13th, 2018 (and each following year since), acting as a platform and catalyst for people across the province to connect with their communities. Participating in On The Table BC through the role of copywriter provided invaluable opportunities to gain perspective on inclusivity and accessibility and how to advocate and design for those fundamentals of community building. This experience has informed every project I have worked on since in its unique way. Roles which followed with Drawing Thanks, CreativeMornings Vancouver, Locals Lounge, and Mark Brand Inc. benefitted immensely in particular from this experience and how it levelled-up my communication skills.
Team: Cause+Affect; Jane Cox, Geoff Ravenor, Michelle Nguyen, Alexander Neff
Personal Duties: Copywriting, Design Ideation/Development

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