Writing the copy which describes Odd Society Spirit's Prospector Rye Whisky and Commodore Single Malt Whisky was a true indulgence for my creative mind. Throughout testing these fine spirits and finding just the right words to capture the flavour notes, I immersed myself in period music and the sights of Gastown and imagined what those storied streets looked like in the 1880s: the period in which our characters "the Prospector," the younger and more rugged, carve-your-own-path brother, and "the Commodore," an established and sophisticated leader with a set determination, found themselves. As I explored the palette, the flavour notes, and the richness, one thing was made clear to me: like their stories, these spirits pair very well. Together, they swept the Canadian Whisky Awards from 2020 through to 2023.
Team: Cause+Affect; Jane Cox, Geoff Ravenor, Michelle Nguyen, Alexander Neff
Personal Duties: Copywriting, Design Ideation/Development


Prospector Rye Whisky
"Prospector is 100% Northern BC rye, transformed into liquid, steam, and back again. It is then coaxed into new, heavily charred American White Oak barrels. With a heady nose of brown sugar, dried prune, vanilla and oak, this full-bodied rye melts on the tongue into light spice and stone fruit notes, leaving with a crisp, dry finish like crackling leaves."

Commodore Single Malt Whisky
"Commodore honours tradition—beckoning back to a Scottish heritage. However, this refined spirit is distilled with 100% BC grown, malted barley. To that, it owes its distinctive peppery-sweetness, along with its dark fruit and tobacco notes. This single malt is unyielding confident and proudly declares: Welcome to the New World."

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