Locals Lounge is a live showcase of Vancouver-based musicians. This concert series looks to explore not only the Vancouver music scene but also the people belonging to it. This live show series provides a platform for artists to come together, collaborate, and interact with those eager and willing to explore what Vancouver has to offer musically. By incorporating interview segments into the performances, Locals Lounge offers an opportunity for audiences to connect with the musicians behind the songs⁠—creating a foundation of connectivity for this incredibly talented and passionate community. I am very proud to say I played a strong role in the development of this ongoing event series. My role at Locals Lounge quickly evolved from a "pen and paper gig" to digital media and communications, fostering pre-show conversations, and understanding how to create value for those invested which outlasts an evening at a show. Through this experience, I gained a true, comprehensive understanding of how to show up for musicians as an organizer, a host, a fellow creative, and a live music lover.
Position: Illustrator, Director of Community Engagement

Alex delivering a portrait on stage at Locals Lounge.

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