Drawing Thanks evolved from a personal-development project—expressing gratitude towards those drawn and featured—into a daily portrait series which explores and celebrates the creators, dreamers, and doers who make community happen in Vancouver. 
As this project led to collaborations, interviews, and a book (in the works), I was discovering close-knit communities and gatherings throughout the city. So why is this considered a lonely place? Why is social isolation such a prevalent issue for Vancouverites? This project became my opportunity to share how vibrant and engaging communities are fighting that stigma in the hopes that others join at gatherings, get-togethers, shows, and performances. Through the actions of those who inspired me and subsequently, through my own, I realized that when it comes to human connection, a bit of creativity can go a long way.
Collaborators: City of Vancouver, CreativeMornings/Vancouver, West Coast Wood Works, Raw Artists Canada, Locals Lounge, VanCity Feature, A Better Life Foundation, Green Coast Rubbish, Beyond Judgement Podcast

Watch me share the origin story of Drawing Thanks with CreativeMornings Vancouver!

What a true celebration completing 365 days of portraits was!

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