Constellation was a project developed by the team at Locals Lounge, along with several other Vancouver musicians with local music-based projects impacted by the 2020 Pandemic. Throughout 2021, these projects came together to inform one another of successes and shortcomings and determine ways to share and grow audiences collaboratively. It was incredible to see the different energies and efforts coming together to create something greater, reliable, and safe for guests in pandemic-related distress with a shared sense of unease when it came to moving forward. Each project brought such richness to the larger picture and that was something I was determined to evoke in the designing of the brand. In the end, we all found a great sense of pride in banding together under the banner of Constellation.
Team: Locals Lounge; Ian Cromwell, Patrick Spencer, Tissa Rahim, Tall Mark, Jess Vaira, Missy D, Johann D'Souza, Leah Gair, Alexander Neff
Personal Duties: Design Ideation/Development, Logo Design, Brand Book, Font Selection, Colour Palette

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