The Small Housing Summit was a one day conference which explored densification of single-family neighbourhoods. Though there is no “one size fits all” solution for the Vancouver housing crisis, this summit looked to redefine zoning regulations to allow alternative housing which could contribute to the affordability of Vancouver. For this event, interviews and videos were developed, along with digital animation, to promote and encourage participation in the event.
Significance: There is no doubt that Vancouver is facing a significant housing crisis. The Small Housing Summit was organized to address this issue through exploration of alternative housing options. There is no single solution for the housing crisis this city is facing, but exploring smaller avenues of solution such as co-housing models, tiny homes, and other means of alternative living can culminate in a greater impact. This is what The Small Housing Summit looked to expose.
In Collaboration With: BC Tiny House Collective, Smallworks, Jen Muranetz
Personal Duties: Conceptual Art, Digital Graphics, Animation
Challenges: Hand Drawn to Digital Animation, Budgetary Restrictions, Skill Development
Key Learnings: This project was an incredible opportunity for self growth —acting as an introduction to digital animation. The opportunity was presented after the client had recently discovered Drawing Thanks (see portfolio piece). Two weeks beforehand were spent learning how to operate Adobe AfterEffects for the first time. This resulted in a new skill acquired which went beyond my design training. More so than anything, this project supported and solidified my desire to learn new techniques and approaches to storytelling through design.

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